Postcards and Rock – From the Car

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Postcards and Rock

Here is this weeks Postcards and Rock series….

From the Car


Dear Environmental Health

I know you would have grave concerns over the cleanliness of my car if you did in fact decide pop by and do a check, and I can honestly say that I not proud of the state it is in.  I personally would love (and used to have) a clean car, but with two children it is very hard to keep it clean.

Unfortunately the school / nursery run does involve driving along narrow and muddy country lanes, so understandably the car is a bit (ok ‘bit’ might be an understatement) dirty, so this is my excuse for the state of the outside.  I am not one of those people who cleans my car every Sunday morning, I have other things to do like cleaning the house (which I think even you can agree is more important than the car), spending time with the family and riding the horse.

I also appreciate that inside of the car is even worse, although I can proudly say that I have one of those car bins in the front of the car (you see I am trying to keep it clean), but it is all the other ‘stuff’ that seems to migrate into the car from the house. Every time we go anywhere, the children have to bring ‘things’ with them.  The children like to vary the type of stuff they have to bring with them, it could be toys, clothes, food, books, etc, they aren’t fussy but it has to be something.  You may say don’t let them bring these things into the car, but when we are running late (which is every day), it is easier just to say “yes ok if you really need to bring that sock along with you, that’s fine just get in the car!”

I am also aware that if you were to do some scientific testing in the car you would probably find the remains of at least 30 different food types, but if you have children you will know that no matter what they eat they make a mess.  Yes I am guilty of letting my children eat in the car, but if it is a choice of them chanting ‘I’m hungry’ every 2 seconds, during the entire trip or giving them something to eat, I will always chose the latter and put up with the crumbs and mess that follow.

Every week I have  ‘Clean the Car’ on my to do list, but for some reason or another it never happens, but I will do it soon, I promise *with fingers crossed behind back*.



Well that’s an easy one really, it would have to be Skip on Wheels

  1. Glad I’m not the only one 🙂 I used to love my car – a lovely shiny silver beatle – now I have traded it in for an oh so practical ford focus and felt even more deflated when one of my friends referred to it as a real mum-mobile!

  2. Errrm, think I can empathise with you on this one. Although to be fair it’s the hubby that makes most of the mess ;0)

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